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Harley-Davidson Congratulates  Jeffrey Carver Jr. with a Full Page Ad in CycleNews 

Last month Jeffrey Carver Jr. won his first career title at the 2017 Lone Star Half-Mile Twins Race. While Carver rides a Harley-Davidson XR750 he is not a manufacturer sponsored rider, instead racing as a privateer. Despite not being a sponsored flat track racer Harley-Davidson took out a full page ad in CycleNews to congratulate Carver and undoubtedly show thanks to him for being loyal to the brand and racing the XR750. 

2018 Harley-Davidson and HOG Anniversary Rides and Rallies Announced

Harley-Davidson has announced several Anniversary based events for 2018. The first is a 115th Anniversary Party and Rally to be held in Prague in the Czech Republic.   This event wil take place July 5-8, 2018. The second Anniversary Event  will take place in Continue reading 2018 Harley-Davidson and HOG Anniversary Rides and Rallies Announced

Harley and The Davidsons Premieres Tonight on Discovery

Remember, Part 1 of “Harley and The Davidsons” premiers tonight on the Discover Channel. The three part series dramatically tells the story of Harley-Davidson Motor Company’s early race wars with Indian Motorcycles. Below is the announcement made in July:

Harley and The DavidsonsThe Discovery Channel has announced they will be premiering a new mini-series titled “Harley and the Davidsons” on September 5th. The film will chronicle the creation and rise of the Motor Company in 1903 to the historic creation of the Knucklehead motor in the mid-1930’s, including some of the great early flat track race wars with the Indian Motorcycle Company. It will use the tried and true formula of adding a dramatic fictional element to spice up actual historical events. Love it or hate this usually makes for an entertaining story.

I’m excited to catch this series because I love motorcycles, racing and the history of Harley-Davidson. Many people are not familiar with this part of the company’s history including it’s origin story. Continue reading Harley and The Davidsons Premieres Tonight on Discovery

Manufacturers Are Offering Competetive Close Out End of Model Year Deals

imageWith the 2016 model year coming to a close and 2017 models trickling in, manufacturers are beginning to offer compelling programs to move inventory. Not only can you usually get great financing but you can also get great pricing on carry over models. Listed below are the current and upcoming offerings from Harley-Davidson, Victory and Indian: Continue reading Manufacturers Are Offering Competetive Close Out End of Model Year Deals

Harley-Davidson Layoff Will Eliminate 200 Jobs

thumbnail_FullSizeRenderHarley-Davidson Motor Company has announced they will be laying off 200 employees. 115 of the cuts will come from their York, Pennsylvania plant where they produce most of the Big Twin line. At it’s peak in 2009, the York plant employed 2000 people. Currently, they are operating with around 950 full time employees.

This current round of layoffs are expected to begin in early October and end in November. It is no surprise the company is cutting personnel given in July they announced sales were down 5.2% compared to 2015 with profit down 6.4% for the same period. At the time the company stated the U.S. market was weaker then expected and as a result the company would cut production by 5000 units,  from 274,000 down to 269,000.

While the U.S. economy seems to be improving this is further evidence many U.S. company’s are still fighting to get back to pre-recession levels. Harley-Davidson is not the only power sports company to go backwards this year. In fact, despite fewer sales, they have actually gained market share in 2016, indicating the industry as a whole is down year over year.  Many cite political uncertainty as a reason sales have declined, while others blame stagnant wages or global economics. I believe a combination of issues have reduced consumer confidence and expect the industry to remain stagnant for the foreseeable future.



The Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S

Harley Softail Slim S
A couple of military inspired Harley Slim S models

The Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S is entering it’s second model year. These bobber style bikes have 110″ Twin Cam motors and blacked out engine covers, exhausts and front ends, mirrors and levers. They also have a low 23.8 inch seat height and come standard with ABS brakes and security. Today I got a chance to check out two of these bikes parked side by side. These both featured factory Military themed paint. They are also available in Black or Flat Black Denim.

2017 Milwaukee Eight Liquid Cooling and Oiling System Review

(For a Technical Review of the Milwaukee Eight motor CLICK HERE)

The New Milwaukee Eight Engine
The New Milwaukee Eight Engine Offers Multiple Cooling Options

Since the 2017 Harley models were released last week, most of the questions I’ve gotten about them relate to the motor’s cooling systems. Some models are dual liquid cooled, using both coolant and oil while others are only oil cooled. Both also rely on air flow to assist with cooling. This has created some confusion on the matter.

To clear things up let me explain. Any 2017 factory model with fairing lowers is dual cooled. This includes CVO Street Glides, any Ultra model and Tri-Glide Trike models. Continue reading 2017 Milwaukee Eight Liquid Cooling and Oiling System Review

The 1978 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead Project

Shovelhead motor rebuild
I’ve been so busy working on Project Knucklehead I’ve ignored my Shovel motor

Someone recently asked me why I wasn’t taking my Knucklehead apart on my table lift. Embarrassed, I had to admit it was because my lift was covered with a half assembled 1978 Shovelhead motor. My ongoing project for the last couple years, the Shovel gets moved around put on the back burner, and at times ignored. Of  course now that the Knucklehead project is stalled until some parts come my way its time to put in some work on the Shovelhead and get it assembled. Continue reading The 1978 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead Project

2017 Marks the 40 Year Anniversary of the Harley-Davidson Low Rider

Low Rider Hangtag
From 1977: This was intended to be hung from the handlebar of the new Low Rider model

Recently I came across an original AMF Harley-Davidson hang tag for the 1977 Lowrider FXS. This was the original tag sent to dealers to showcase the features of the new model. These were great looking bikes and I consider them the Godfather to the modern Dyna that is so popular today. This new model came from the factory with longer front forks, a 2 into 1 exhaust, drag bars, a low 27″ seat height, dual disc front brakes, and mid-foot controls. A few other key features of the bike included: Continue reading 2017 Marks the 40 Year Anniversary of the Harley-Davidson Low Rider

Looking for more foot room?

e-z brakeWhen the Harley-Davidson Rushmore® line was released in 2014 it featured several product improvements and changes. Liquid cooled heads, more aggressive cams, redesigned saddlebags and tour packs and so on.  As soon as these bikes were on the road we began getting requests to move the rider controls further forward. A lot of riders felt too cramped with their knees bent too much. It took a bit of digging and a customer recommendation but the solution Continue reading Looking for more foot room?