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Harley-Davidson Rapido

Harley-Davidson Rapido, Rapido, Two Stroke Harley,
In 1968 Harley-Davidson Ventured into the Two Stroke Motorcycle World with the 125 CC Rapido.

Who remembers the Harley-Davidson Rapido? The 2-stroke, 125 CC “small” bike Harley produced from 1968-1972. Designed to appeal to a new demographic of rider, these bikes had a single air cooled cylinder and a four speed transmission. The combination as said to produce speeds over 70 mph and deliver a whopping 70 miles per gallon.

The manufacturer claimed a dry weight of 174 pounds and a new one in 1969 would set you back a whopping $399.95 plus tax.

The initial advertisement for this bike said a lot but I’m particularly fond of the tag line, “Let Harley-Davidson put some fun ahead of you”.