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Biltwell Gringo S Product Review

After years of wearing a 3/4 helmet I decided to make the switch to a full face. I had been wanting to get something that made riding in the rain and on the interstate more comfortable but I also wanted something comfortable that allowed good sightlines. After doing some research I selected a Biltwell Gringo S helmet. I ordered the helmet and a dark shaded visor at the same time. I figured I could switch the visor out depending on when and where I was riding. I opted for a two tone black and white helmet that was a little bit more then the single color helmets, it was $229 vs. $199.

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Will Changing the Exhaust on My Harley-Davidson Void My Warranty?

Harley and the EPA
Look for print similar to this on any parts or accessories you install on your Harley. It could void your warranty.

As I wrote HERE, the EPA and Harley-Davidson reached a settlement last summer regarding the use of non-street legal Race Tuners used to modify a bike’s fuel injection system. Since then I’ve had the chance to talk with Harley-Davidson reps and Warranty personnel to clear up what the settlement means for the average rider.

The agreement was reached because the EPA felt Harley-Davidson was encouraging riders to modify their bikes to the point they were no longer street legal or SMOG compliant.   Continue reading Will Changing the Exhaust on My Harley-Davidson Void My Warranty?

Harley-Davidson and the EPA: What the lawsuit means for your warranty

To read the initial Cycle Blog report on Harley-Davidson’s fine and settlement with the EPA CLICK HERE.

Harley Race Tuner
The Harley-Davidson Race Tuner that was at the heart of the recent EPA lawsuit

In August Harley-Davidson and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) reached a settlement regarding the sale and use of Screamin’ Eagle Race tuners, a device used to change factory fuel and ignition settings, allowing bikes to operate outside of the EPA’s clean air rules.

The tuners in question have always been labeled as “Race Only” with a warning stating their use may “reduce or void” the factory warranty. Harley has also always stated that their limited warranty Continue reading Harley-Davidson and the EPA: What the lawsuit means for your warranty

Harley-Davidson and the EPA Reach a Settlement

FullSizeRender (3)Harley-Davidson has agreed to pay $15 million to settle a suit with the Enviornmental Protection Agency (EPA). $12 million in fines and an additional $3 million towards a “clean air” project to offset carbon emissions. The suit alleged that the Motor Company sold 12,000 bikes that were not certified as compliant with Federal Government standards. It also claimed Harley-Davidson sold over 300,000 performance tuners that, when installed on their bikes, caused them to emit excessive amounts of certain air pollutants making them non-compliant.

Harley released a statement saying that reaching the settlement was Continue reading Harley-Davidson and the EPA Reach a Settlement

The Harley-Davidson Springer Front End

Seen here is a modern Springer front end. Notice the smaller “Sprung Fork” in the front and the larger “Rigid Fork” at the rear.

In 1988 Harley-Davidson re-introduced the classic Springer™ front end that was once the industry standard in suspension . Over the next 24 years the Springer front end was a mainstay in the Harley lineup. Little changed about it and the way it operated over those years. Despite being criticized by some as being heavy and clunky at slow speeds, I find the front end handles well and I enjoy riding them, especially cruising on the interstate.

The modern Springer was made up of a “Sprung Fork” and a “Rigid Fork”, the latter being the larger, heavier fork that mounted to the neck of the bike. The Sprung Fork moved with the tire, pivoting off of the rigid fork. Two springs and a shock mounted to the front of the Springer absorb the impact of the tire moving over uneven surfaces. With regular service and Continue reading The Harley-Davidson Springer Front End

BSA Triumph Service Bulletin Archive

Vintage Triumph Service BulletinThumbing through my archives I found this Triumph Service Bulletin from February of 1973. Keep in mind, I’m publishing this purely for entertainment value, not for reference or operational use. It describes upgrades they made to their 5-speed gear set and changes in parts availability. One of the biggest challenges for any manufacture is keeping their dealer network aware of real time changes and upgrades. Service Bulletins are just of one of the many ways they all still communicate with dealers today.

I have always been a fan of these retro-styled bikes and vintage or historical advertising or service literature. I think this qualifies as both. Enjoy!

Looking for more foot room?

e-z brakeWhen the Harley-Davidson Rushmore® line was released in 2014 it featured several product improvements and changes. Liquid cooled heads, more aggressive cams, redesigned saddlebags and tour packs and so on.  As soon as these bikes were on the road we began getting requests to move the rider controls further forward. A lot of riders felt too cramped with their knees bent too much. It took a bit of digging and a customer recommendation but the solution Continue reading Looking for more foot room?

New Kuryakyn Heavy Industry Line

Kury Pegs
Photo courtesy

Kuryakyn has released a new accessory line called Heavy Industry™. According to Kuryakyn, “Heavy Industry Pegs provide sturdy, solid support for any type of rider. Sized to offer ideal surface area for confident control, with splined adapters that allow the footpeg angle to be dialed in for optimum comfort.”

The design of these pegs is stylish and they offer solid construction and the “industrial” look

Photo Courtesy of
Photo Courtesy of

they are named for. Currently rider pegs, passenger pegs, mirrors and a shift peg are available, with footboards and grips soon follow.  They are available in chrome or black finishes.


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Indian Drops the 2017 Line Ahead of Schedule


Indian Motorcycle® has announced their complete lineup of 2017 model bikes.  They are maintaining the same 2016 product lineup but are adding vibrant new color choices and a highly advanced “Ride Command™” infotainment system.

This new infotainment system features the largest and highest resolution display in the industry at 7 inches and 800×480 pixels. Continue reading Indian Drops the 2017 Line Ahead of Schedule