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The 2018 Harley-Davidson Softail and Dyna Myth

2018 Softail Fatboy Road Test
The 2018 Softail Fatboy. Notice the rear fender clearance and high seat height 
As I reported HERE Harley-Davidson has drastically changed their cruiser platform for the 2018 model year. All Softail and Dyna models now share the same frame and basic suspension combining them into one model family, which Harley-Davidson has named the Softail line. The Motor Company went with the Softail name because they wanted to maintain the legacy the name carries and felt like it had a higher recognition value. This set in motion a surge of backlash from enthusiasts loyal to the Dyna platform. Outrage around the Continue reading The 2018 Harley-Davidson Softail and Dyna Myth

Turbo Charged Triumph Bonneville Bobber

There is no way around it; some bikes are built to just go fast. I think that’s the case with this amazing Custom Triumph Bonneville Bobber. The bike is built to get from point A to point B in a hurry. It has a 1200 CC Turbocharged engine, with a 2 into 1  hand-wrapped exhaust, girder front end, and custom Fox Suspension.

Before this bike was modified it was a factory custom Bonneville Bobber. These bikes come off the showroom floor stripped down with an agressive, high torque 1200 cc motor featuring Bobber model specific fuel injection tuning to help give the motor just a little more pep.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber
This great looking Custom Triumph Bonneville Bobber has been upfitted with a Turbocharger among other racing add-ons. It’s Greenlight Ready.

Project Knucklehead Frame Repair 

Knucklehead Frame
The 1946 Knucklehead Frame after it was put in the Jig and repairs are about to begin. Notice the sidecar loops have been cut out of the front down tubes and the tool box mount is missing.

It’s been awhile since any sizable progress has been made on Project Knucklehead. However, this week I was fortunate enough to be able to truck the frame to Paper Street Customs for some much needed attention. Continue reading Project Knucklehead Frame Repair 

Dirt Track Races Bring Riders and Rides From All Walks of Life

Race Day is a great opportunity to see interesting custom bikes built to ride. Case in point, this great looking Harley-Davidson Sportster. You have to appreciate both the performance and stylistic modifications made. Notice, for example, the custom paint scheme featuring an AMF Harley-Davidson logo that has been long discontinued by the factory yet seems to fit this later model Sportster. A few minutes after this picture was taken the bike was ridden in a dirt track short loop race.

The Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S

Harley Softail Slim S
A couple of military inspired Harley Slim S models

The Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S is entering it’s second model year. These bobber style bikes have 110″ Twin Cam motors and blacked out engine covers, exhausts and front ends, mirrors and levers. They also have a low 23.8 inch seat height and come standard with ABS brakes and security. Today I got a chance to check out two of these bikes parked side by side. These both featured factory Military themed paint. They are also available in Black or Flat Black Denim.

Project Knucklehead : Reviving a 1946 Harley-Davidson Part 3

If you missed Part I of the Project Knucklehead series or you would like a recap click here. To read Part II click here.

1946 Harley Knucklehead Project
Project Knucklehead on day 1

With the heads out for machining, work on Project Knucklehead has slowed down. I pulled the remainder of the chassis apart and now have a bare frame to work with. As before, almost everything was finger tight or missing fasteners. The seat post gave me the most grief because the bike had bottomed out at some point and mushroomed the end of the retainer stud threads. Some work with a file and thread chaser cleaned it up enough to get it apart but it will probably have to be replaced. Continue reading Project Knucklehead : Reviving a 1946 Harley-Davidson Part 3

The 1978 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead Project

Shovelhead motor rebuild
I’ve been so busy working on Project Knucklehead I’ve ignored my Shovel motor

Someone recently asked me why I wasn’t taking my Knucklehead apart on my table lift. Embarrassed, I had to admit it was because my lift was covered with a half assembled 1978 Shovelhead motor. My ongoing project for the last couple years, the Shovel gets moved around put on the back burner, and at times ignored. Of  course now that the Knucklehead project is stalled until some parts come my way its time to put in some work on the Shovelhead and get it assembled. Continue reading The 1978 Harley-Davidson Shovelhead Project

2017 Harley-Davidson Milwaukee Eight Road Test and Review

2017 FLHXS
This is the 2017 FLHXS Street Glide Special I road tested right before it was final assembled.

This afternoon I got the chance to road test a 2017 Harley-Davidson FLHXS Street Glide. The bike is equipped with Harley’s new Milwaukee Eight, 107 inch powertrain. (For a technical guide to the new motor click here)

A couple of notes:

  1. It was almost 100 degrees when I got the bike on the road
  2. My normal bike is a 2012 FLHX Street Glide with a 103 inch Twin Cam motor.

The first thing I noticed when the I started the bike was how quiet the cam side of the motor was. You could faintly hear cam chain noise and Continue reading 2017 Harley-Davidson Milwaukee Eight Road Test and Review

2017 Marks the 40 Year Anniversary of the Harley-Davidson Low Rider

Low Rider Hangtag
From 1977: This was intended to be hung from the handlebar of the new Low Rider model

Recently I came across an original AMF Harley-Davidson hang tag for the 1977 Lowrider FXS. This was the original tag sent to dealers to showcase the features of the new model. These were great looking bikes and I consider them the Godfather to the modern Dyna that is so popular today. This new model came from the factory with longer front forks, a 2 into 1 exhaust, drag bars, a low 27″ seat height, dual disc front brakes, and mid-foot controls. A few other key features of the bike included: Continue reading 2017 Marks the 40 Year Anniversary of the Harley-Davidson Low Rider