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Harley-Davidson Congratulates  Jeffrey Carver Jr. with a Full Page Ad in CycleNews 

Last month Jeffrey Carver Jr. won his first career title at the 2017 Lone Star Half-Mile Twins Race. While Carver rides a Harley-Davidson XR750 he is not a manufacturer sponsored rider, instead racing as a privateer. Despite not being a sponsored flat track racer Harley-Davidson took out a full page ad in CycleNews to congratulate Carver and undoubtedly show thanks to him for being loyal to the brand and racing the XR750. 

Regional HOG Rallies Will Return In 2019

During Street Vibrations in Reno I was able to confirm Harley-Davidson plans to bring regional HOG Rallies back in 2019. I reported HERE that Harley-Davidson and HOG will be holding rides leading to a single rally in Milwaukee during the summer of 2017 to celebrate the Motor Company’s 115th Anniversary instead of HOG rallies. Representatives from HOG confirmed the 2019 rallies will still be Continue reading Regional HOG Rallies Will Return In 2019

Winter Bike Rally’s and Shows Can Deliver the Most Bang for the Buck

Depending on where you live the winter can be a pretty dreary time. It may snow, it may rain, it may freeze.  However, the winter doesn’t have to mean months without getting your motorcycle fix. There are things like rallies, shows, toy runs, and charity rides, all over the country during the winter.

One such event is The One Motorcycle Show. Now in its Continue reading Winter Bike Rally’s and Shows Can Deliver the Most Bang for the Buck

2018 Harley-Davidson and HOG Anniversary Rides and Rallies Announced

Harley-Davidson has announced several Anniversary based events for 2018. The first is a 115th Anniversary Party and Rally to be held in Prague in the Czech Republic.   This event wil take place July 5-8, 2018. The second Anniversary Event  will take place in Continue reading 2018 Harley-Davidson and HOG Anniversary Rides and Rallies Announced

Harley Releases 2018 Model Motorcycles

Dyna Softail Streetbob Harley 2018 Models
The new 2018 Harley-Davidson Softail Lineup. Notice the Softail line now includes the former Dyna Streetbob, Fatbob, and Low Rider Models

Last night Harley-Davidson unveiled their all new 2018 motorcycles, parts, and clothing line up in Los Angeles.

Highlighting the new product line is the all new Softail platform. The new platform is designed to replace both the Softail and Dyna lineups as we know them and features models from both of the former families. These bikes Continue reading Harley Releases 2018 Model Motorcycles

Dirt Track Races Bring Riders and Rides From All Walks of Life

Race Day is a great opportunity to see interesting custom bikes built to ride. Case in point, this great looking Harley-Davidson Sportster. You have to appreciate both the performance and stylistic modifications made. Notice, for example, the custom paint scheme featuring an AMF Harley-Davidson logo that has been long discontinued by the factory yet seems to fit this later model Sportster. A few minutes after this picture was taken the bike was ridden in a dirt track short loop race.

2017 Motorcycle Rally and Ride Event Schedule

Now that we’re into 2017, its time to start thinking about rides, rallies and scheduling vacation time. The following is a list of motorcycle events throughout the year. I’ve included dates, locations and websites where more information for each rally can be found.

I know I’ve left a lot out so don’t be afraid to comment or email me information on other events. I will try update the list with any additional events that come up.  Continue reading 2017 Motorcycle Rally and Ride Event Schedule

National HOG Rally Date and Location Announced

img_2161As I earlier reported Harley-Davidson will be holding regional H.O.G. Rallies throughout the country in 2017 (Click HERE for Rally Dates and Locations). They have also announced they will be holding a National H.O.G. Rally in 2017. The event is scheduled to be held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin over Labor Day Weekend. It will be held in conjunction with the Milwaukee Rally, an event the city has hosted for several years.

The new rally approach is an effort to increase attendance, market new motorcycles, and create reasons to get people to ride more miles. The strategy will result in fewer rallies but hopes to create better, more memorable experiences for participants. Ideally the regional locations will change year to year, however the National Rally may not.

On top of larger regional rallies and a National Rally, Harley will be bringing back the multi-day, multi-state H.O.G. ride. For 2017 this ride will be following the trail blazed by Lewis & Clark and will be from Portland, Oregon to St. Louis, Missouri. Riders will leave Portland on July 10th and end up in St. Louis on July 22nd. These rides are pre-planned and arranged so riders really just have to register, show up and ride.

Keep an eye out for future issues of HOG magazine as more details for all of these events will be published as their known.    DSC01303

2017 Will Be The Year Of The Regional HOG Rally

Discover Oregon*CLICK HERE for information about the 2018 HOG Anniversary Rides and Rally

Harley-Davidson has announced that they will be eliminating individual state H.O.G. rallies, instead holding regional, multi-state rallies in 2017. This model has been tested in the Pacific Northwest over the last 3 years, combining Oregon, Idaho and Washington rallies at a different location each year. The Motor Company is taking this approach in an effort to increase rider participation and encourage dealerships to take a more active role in the events. (See below for tentative 2017 HOG Rally Dates and Locations) Continue reading 2017 Will Be The Year Of The Regional HOG Rally