The All New Harley-Davidson Sport Glide

The All New Sport Glide with Detachable Mini-Fairing and Saddlebags.

This week Harley-Davidson has released the new Sport Glide model. The new Softail is described as “a custom cruiser and lighter tourer in one”. The bike accomplishes this by coming equipped with a quick-detach mini-fairing and saddlebags. The idea being you can go from a bike ideal for touring to a bike ideal for cruising downtown in seconds.

The Sport Glide has many other features that are unique to the

Softail Sport Glide SportGlide
The Softail Sport Glide with the Mini-Fairing and Saddlebags Removed

model. These include all-new wheels and an inverted front end designed specifically to work with the new Softail rear Mono-Shock. The bike also has ABS Brakes, a security system, cruise control and LED lighting.

The last dual purpose factory bike Harley-Davidson produced was the Dyna Switchback. The bike never gained popularity and was pulled from the line due to vibration complaints and sluggish sales. However, given the popularity of Switchbacks in the used market, Harley-Davidson may be hoping there is still a demand for this style of bike utilizing a new Milwaukee 8, 107 inch motor in the new Softail chassis.

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