Regional HOG Rallies Will Return In 2019

During Street Vibrations in Reno I was able to confirm Harley-Davidson plans to bring regional HOG Rallies back in 2019. I reported HERE that Harley-Davidson and HOG will be holding rides leading to a single rally in Milwaukee during the summer of 2017 to celebrate the Motor Company’s 115th Anniversary instead of HOG rallies. Representatives from HOG confirmed the 2019 rallies will still be regional but they are working to improve lodging and entertainment for the rallies in the future.

In prior years HOG held individual rallies for each state; however attendance and overall participation in the rallies and events had dwindled. In an effort to boost participation in 2017 the events became regional, meaning chapters from 3-5 states met for one rally that was expected to move from state to state each year (for a schedule of the 2017 regional rallies CLICK HERE).

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