Will Changing the Exhaust on My Harley-Davidson Void My Warranty?

Harley and the EPA
Look for print similar to this on any parts or accessories you install on your Harley. It could void your warranty.

As I wrote HERE, the EPA and Harley-Davidson reached a settlement last summer regarding the use of non-street legal Race Tuners used to modify a bike’s fuel injection system. Since then I’ve had the chance to talk with Harley-Davidson reps and Warranty personnel to clear up what the settlement means for the average rider.

The agreement was reached because the EPA felt Harley-Davidson was encouraging riders to modify their bikes to the point they were no longer street legal or SMOG compliant.  Initially the EPA planned to audit dealership Service Department records and issue fines for any bike that had non-street legal pipes and tuning modules installed while the bike was under warranty. Harley-Davidson, however, negotiated to leave the dealers out of the lawsuit and agreed to pay a blanket fine of over $15 million to cover the sale and use of Race Tuners. The EPA agreed to this up to the 2017 model year. However, any bike still under warranty must comply with Harley’s warranty policy and dealer’s are responsible for any 2017 or later bike that is found to not be EPA compliant.

This means going forward Harley-Davidson must void the warranty on any bike that is modified to no longer be EPA compliant as their warranty policy has always stated. To emphasize this the following statement is included in the warranty agreement for all Harley-Davidson models: The limited warranty will not apply to any motorcycle which has off-road or competition parts installed to enhance performance. These modifications may void all or parts of your new motorcycle warranty.”

I’ve been asked about this countless times since the settlement was made public and have been surprised how many people don’t realize their bike is not street legal. When purchasing any exhaust, air cleaner components, fuel injection tuning modules, or engine parts (pistons, cams, valves, etc.) check to see if it is 50 state compliant. Odds are it is stamped with a sticker like the ones seen here. If it is, according to Harley-Davidson, installation of these parts will void your warranty.

Harley-Davidson Warranty
Be on the look out for labels like this one. Installing parts with this type of label can void your Harley-Davidson warranty.

When I spoke to a rep from Harley-Davidson’s Warranty Department they confirmed they have been instructed to void the warranty on any bike that has been found to have non-street legal performance parts installed. So far I know of two bikes that have had the motors warranty voided because they had Vance and Hines exhaust and a Screamin’ Eagle Race Tuner installed on them.

While many people rely on dealers and service shops to inform them about these things all consumers need to be on the look out. These policies and laws have been in place since 1978 and its beginning to appear like they will finally be enforced.

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8 thoughts on “Will Changing the Exhaust on My Harley-Davidson Void My Warranty?”

  1. Here is my question why do so many dealers sale V&H products and tuners and even install them to this date 4/9/2017.

  2. My dealer in Salem, OR made it crystal clear that on all new bikes sold, they will not install mods. Period. Clearly stated the warranty would be voided. I appreciate their being up front. I also am now not sure I’m interested in a new Harley. Looks my 2012 Ultra with mod cams, V&H True Duals and slash cut slip-ons, Super Tuner, Stage 1 air cleaner will be my ride for some time come.

  3. I purchased a 2017 new Heritage Softail last Thursday. I was never told that I couldn’t replace the pipes without voiding the warrenty until after the purchase. I would have purchased something else had they told me. Each day i’m getting more upset with Harley because they obviously don’t care. This is my sixth Harley. pitiful

    1. I too recently purchased a 2017 Heritage Softail and was told by the stealer that they would only allow slip-ons, with a Stage 1 and Pro Street Tuner, and still honor the warranty. Hmmm.

      1. There is a new listing out there that the dealers have of Rinehart or Vance & Hines slip-ons that are EPA compliant. Apparently this list has been out for about a month now. I just spoke with my dealer today about it.

        1. Im just looking to install some Rinehart 4.5 slip ons for now on a 2017 RG, Im pretty sure theyre EPA compliant but still afraid the dealer would use that as an excuse to weasel out of warranty work.

  4. I have been dealing with multiple local dealers here in MA/NH. I feel like the issue is also at a dealer level. The dealer I bought from is holding fast that my warranty will be voided with any non Harley/Screaming Eagle parts put on. I had the Screaming Eagle Street Tuner put in and the Screaming Eagle Slip Ons and Heat Shields (They all Suck).
    I have found out from numerous Harley Davidson contacts that in fact you can use EPA Compliant after market as long as you area using the Screaming Eagle Street Tuner. The Street Tuner is the key component. I will never buy another part, candy bar, water, shirt or even a poker chip from the dealer I bought from. They should be ashamed of themselves.

    I am too much of a professional than to put their name out here…… You know who you are and I know you will read this.

    I advised them that it’s too bad they and HD Corporate took this stance. It’s my opinion they did this to boost sales of HD Screaming Eagle Parts – Which generally are inferior.

    Ok off to my very local dealer that may not be great at sales but KICKS ASS AT SERVICE !!!!! Rinehardt Duals front to back here I come.

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