The Milwaukee Eight Cam Compartment

When Harley’s new motor, the Milwaukee Eight, was released I wrote up an overview of the mechanics HERE.  I mentioned the new motor uses a single cam for both cylinders. Last week I was given a first hand look at the inside of the cam compartment when a stock bike was outfitted with a Screamin’ Eagle Performance cam. The picture below shows the details of the new motor’s cam chest.

Here you can see the single hydraulic cam tensioner, the sprocket on the crankshaft (lower, small sprocket) and the larger sprocket that bolts to the cam itself. While it has more moving parts then gear driven cams, I expect this system to hold up well over time based on the performance of hydraulic cam tensioners used on 2007 and later Twin Cams.

M8 Cam
The new Milwaukee Eight Cam Compartment.

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