2017 Will Be The Year Of The Regional HOG Rally

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Harley-Davidson has announced that they will be eliminating individual state H.O.G. rallies, instead holding regional, multi-state rallies in 2017. This model has been tested in the Pacific Northwest over the last 3 years, combining Oregon, Idaho and Washington rallies at a different location each year. The Motor Company is taking this approach in an effort to increase rider participation and encourage dealerships to take a more active role in the events. (See below for tentative 2017 HOG Rally Dates and Locations)

Over the last several years rally attendance nationwide has declined due to inconsistency in the rallies, poor locations and venues, and competing events among other things.  The new plan is to hold fewer rallies but offer a better overall experience for those who attend the events.

I’ve been involved with these regional rallies over the last few yearsDSC01303 and have experienced mixed results. On the plus side, the rallies are much larger because members from chapters throughout 3 states come together for the event.

The tentative rally dates and locations are:

Deep South HOG Rally Alexandria, LA 4/6-4/8/2017
Southwest HOG Rally Temple, TX 5/18-5/20/2017
Merging Mountains HOG Rally Roanoke, VA 6/5-6/10/2017
Rocky Mountain HOG Rally Steam Boat Springs, CO 6/8-6/10/2017
riding rally NC to FL 6/16-6/21/2017
Last Frontier HOG Rally Fairbanks, AK 6/22-6/24/2017
TBD Sioux Falls, SD mid-July
Southern Backroad’s HOG Rally Cookeville, TN 7/11-7/15/2017
TBD Utica, NY 7/13-7/17
Pacific Northwest HOG Rally Meridian, ID 7/20-7/22/2017
New England Rally Lincoln, NH 7/27-7/30/2017
Great lakes HOG Rally Saulte Ste Marie, MI 8/17-8/19/2017
Western HOG Rally Chandler, AZ 9/21-9/23/2017
TBD Grantville, PA 8/15-8/19/2017
Central HOG Rally Ardmore, OK 10/5-10/7/2017
Islands HOG Rally TBD 10/6-10/8/2017
Southeast HOG Rally Pensacola, FL 11/1-11/4/2017
Lewis & Clark HOG Portland, OR to St Louis, MO 7/10 – 7/22/2017

18 thoughts on “2017 Will Be The Year Of The Regional HOG Rally”

  1. Islands HOG Rally dates are October 13-15 2016.

    Location: Kahului, Maui, HI

    Thanks for posting this.

    Rob S

    Islands HOG Rally Coordinator 2017

  2. Wonder what H-D is doing w/ all the $$ from H.O.G. memberships. The National Rally will be the only one of any interest to International tourist members… or will it? Spend the weekend touring Milwaukee or spend the weekend touring three States?

  3. Interested in attending the one in New York would like more info , like do you just find it and show up is there a certain place or time where people meet do you have to buy tickets do you have to register would like to know so that I could plan a surprise anyone with any information thank you in advance

    1. I was told registration for the Rocky Mountain HOG Rally is not open yet. It’s being held in Steamboat Springs and a ride will be going over Trail Ridge Road, the highest paved road in the country.

  4. How and where do we register for the Lewis & Clark Revisited ride? The HOG magazine says registration opening January 10 but I can’t find a thing .

    1. I just checked the host hotel says no rooms available how can that be when you can’t even sign up for the rally???

  5. Milwaukee here, batting no information from local dealerships, but to attend rally for two days have to take four days off work it’s also over 8 hours from Milwaukee, that’s not centrally located for even regional rally, we spend a lot in yearly fees and support and our rally on border of Michigan and Canada what money does that bring for Wisconsin, this is not a good plan to many riders can’t afford the time or the money to support Saulte Ste Marie ,

  6. I think the whole idea sucks and hog rallys are just about a thing of the past as is paying national dues for no reason other than support Harley-Davidson executives

  7. The date you have for the Western States HOG Rally is incorrect. You should check your sources before posting so people don’t get confused at least and upset that they miss something at most!

    1. Thank you! These were the dates initially released from Harley-Davidson. What is the correct date so that I can update it?

  8. Question for HOG,
    Can non-members attend your September 2017 event in Chandler, AZ? If so, what are ticket prices and are there any exclusions
    Thank you,
    Mark T.

  9. Well this was probably the biggest waste of money in all the years Ivd been riding. No bike games, no food, no vendors, too hot to ride anywhere so $45. For a t- shirt and patch. Is Harley hurting that much that they have to stick it to us this bad? What was tge rallt committee thinking when they set this event up. No more for me. Im done donating to HOG.

      1. Western states in Chandler. If I wanted to go to the casino and sit around, eat at the casino restaurant and ride in 100 degrees I could have done it without spending $45. Normally a food ticket and raffle ticket is included (when we went to the rally in Williams, AZ) but this year it was not. On top of that when we registered nobody directed us on anything (they were too busy chatting with friends) so we were not aware we were suppose to fill out a paper for the drawing by the regional manager so missed out on that ☹️ So many people we talked to were upset as well- they cant asking- this is it?????

  10. The Western HOG Rally – What a bust-Hang out at a casino ooohhhhh-what an adventure-nothing but excuses from the Chandler Dealer – nobody else repiled, dealers can’t rep. themselves in another dealers area, no promotion’s by HOG , blah blah blah -sorry for the sucky rally, have a free hot dog, but – you wanna buy a bike? – to the YUMA hog rep’s – its too hot, it’s in the city, its the wrong time of year, HD corporate said NO VENDORS, casino won’t cooperate, it’s too hot, HD corporate tied Jeromes hands, I’m just a volunteer, it’s too hot!!! And we could use a lot less ATTITUDE from the volunteers at registration. And WTF- a bike rally with NO BIKE GAMES – musical chairs and lip sync – really!! We have had great rally’s in the past, but HOG really messed this up. Harley needs younger riders to join and grow but if this is what we have to offer I can see why riders have turned away.

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