Harley-Davidson to Sponsor Nationwide Open House Weekend

FullSizeRenderAcross the nation this weekend Harley-Davidson Dealerships will be celebrating “Discover More” Open House events. The events are tied to the release of the new 2017 product line that launched late last month. The center piece of these events is expected to be the new Milwaukee 8 touring motor, but they will also promote new clothing and gear and new parts and accessories. Each dealership is asked to participate in giveaways and raffles to promote the line and engage with customers attending.

Harley-Davidson has promoted this event in television ads, online and on social media so most dealers will participate in some way. Of course each dealership is individually operated so the events can vary from location to location but I expect to see BBQ’s, concerts, and other crowd pleasing entertainment.

Harley-Davidson is encouraging customers to test ride the new bikes and try out the new motor so I expect to see contests and incentives based around getting on the new bikes. Fortunately, test riding new bikes has become commonplace versus several years ago when most dealerships didn’t allow it.

Depending on the dealership, these events can be anywhere from 4 days long to 1 day starting today. For more information visit your local dealership.


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