Royal Enfield Opens Flagship North American Dealership

Royal EnfieldEarlier this summer I reported HERE that Royal Enfield had opened their US headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin as part of the 115 year old company’s Global growth strategy. Last weekend they opened their flagship dealership, also in Milwaukee. The store, located at 226 N. Water Street, features their full motorcycle line as well as clothing and accessories. It currently employs a 20 person staff. The Grand Opening was spread over two days and featured presentations from key staff including North American President, Rod Copes and company CEO Siddhartha Lal. As Copes spoke to celebrity guests and enthusiasts, he emphasized Royal Enfield is about providing a fun and welcoming atmosphere that is “focused on delivering a ‘Pure Motorcycling’ experience to consumers”. This is showcased everywhere you look in the industrial themed dealership that portrays motorcycling as a social and fun activity.

Royal EnfieldWhen looking over the Royal Enfield lineup the bikes are not intimidating or overly complicated. This is an intentional part of the company’s mystique that other manufacturers have struggled with. As Copes stated, “our motorcycles are classically styled, simple, evocative and fun to ride.” I think the same could be said about this dealership, which will no doubt be the model for stores opening nationwide in the near future.

As I said in July, I expect this company to gain the motorcycling world’s attention very soon. In the past 5 years their production has quietly gone from 50,000 units to 500,000. You don’t grow that much by accident. They have an attractive product, strong leadership, and an understanding of how to make motorcycling fun and social.


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