Harley and The Davidsons Premieres Tonight on Discovery

Remember, Part 1 of “Harley and The Davidsons” premiers tonight on the Discover Channel. The three part series dramatically tells the story of Harley-Davidson Motor Company’s early race wars with Indian Motorcycles. Below is the announcement made in July:

Harley and The DavidsonsThe Discovery Channel has announced they will be premiering a new mini-series titled “Harley and the Davidsons” on September 5th. The film will chronicle the creation and rise of the Motor Company in 1903 to the historic creation of the Knucklehead motor in the mid-1930’s, including some of the great early flat track race wars with the Indian Motorcycle Company. It will use the tried and true formula of adding a dramatic fictional element to spice up actual historical events. Love it or hate this usually makes for an entertaining story.

I’m excited to catch this series because I love motorcycles, racing and the history of Harley-Davidson. Many people are not familiar with this part of the company’s history including it’s origin story.Harley-Davidson actually has nothing to do with the production or script but I’m told they opened up their archives to the Discovery Channel to help insure they get the basic story and bikes right.

I understand Discovery commissioned South African Alex Wheeler (who is extremely talented) to re-create the early model bikes, and had him on-set in Romania during production.

I’m looking forward to seeing this and it’s something I recommend any motorcycle enthusiast tune in and watch.

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