Tentative 2017 Regional HOG Rally Schedule

Discover OregonLast week I posted that in 2017 HOG (Harley Owners Group) Rallies will become regional events. In the past each state held it’s own rally a different location within the state each year. These new joint rallies will revolve around different locations in multiple states, typically 3 to 4. I was asked to re-post the tentative 2017 schedule for these rallies:

Deep South HOG Rally Alexandria, LA 4/6-4/8/2017
Southwest HOG Rally Temple, TX 5/18-5/20/2017
Merging Mountains HOG Rally Roanoke, VA 6/5-6/10/2017
Rocky Mountain HOG Rally Steam Boat Springs, CO 6/8-6/10/2017
riding rally NC to FL 6/16-6/21/2017
Last Frontier HOG Rally Fairbanks, AK 6/22-6/24/2017
TBD Sioux Falls, SD mid-July
Southern Backroad’s HOG Rally Cookeville, TN 7/11-7/15/2017
TBD Utica, NY 7/13-7/17
Pacific Northwest HOG Rally Meridian, ID 7/20-7/22/2017
New England Rally Lincoln, NH 7/27-7/30/2017
Great lakes HOG Rally Saulte Ste Marie, MI 8/17-8/19/2017
Western HOG Rally Chandler, AZ 9/21-9/23/2017
TBD Grantville, PA 8/15-8/19/2017
Central HOG Rally Ardmore, OK 10/5-10/7/2017
Islands HOG Rally TBD 10/6-10/8/2017
Southeast HOG Rally Pensacola, FL 11/1-11/4/2017



4 thoughts on “Tentative 2017 Regional HOG Rally Schedule”

  1. Once you get hard dates for the rally’s will there be a host hotel or will we be on our own? How soon before dates are firm?

  2. When is the MN HOG Rally? Nearest one I can find is in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Dates? They say ‘mid-july’, how can one make plans on a tentative date when it is already the second week of July? Not good. HOG is fading.

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