The Ducati Scrambler Italia Independent First Hand

My first glimpse of the Ducati Italia Independent

In 1962 Ducati rolled out the first 250 Scrambler. This bike was intended to make a splash in the U.S. market, an attempt by the manufacture to stake a claim in the rugged American market set for a boom.  The bike was a hit and by 1969 it was available as a 450.

Today, keeping history in mind, Ducati is continuing the Scrambler family of bikes. Several models are now available within the line.  Among them is the ultra rare Scrambler Italia Independent. An 803 cc collaboration project between Ducati and Italia Independent. It does not disappoint. Producing only 1077 of these bikes worldwide, I found myself lucky to be able to get a first hand look at one over the weekend.

Ducati 6
Notice the custom tank badge and dark copper insert

Admittedly I don’t know much about the Ducati brand; but as I looked over the bike I was impressed with it’s style and it’s fit and finish. Each piece had a unique touch including an aluminum plate showcasing the bike’s individual serial number and copper frame and tank inserts. However, nothing was added for the sake of adding it. There were no bolt on pieces  forced onto the bike to create the appearance of a “theme”. This bike is tasteful. Even the flat black paint seemed to have a smooth finish with no dull spots or grease marks.

As I looked over the bike I was astonished when a woman in her late 60’s began explaining what it was and how it was made.

Ducati 3
This particular bike was finished with a great looking retro helmet and Scrambler goggles.

She told me how many were made, how many were sold in Oregon, and that the one I was looking at was only the second one sold in the Northwest.

I think her enthusiasm about the bike got me as excited as the bike itself. This industry is universal.

Ducati 4

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