Looking for more foot room?

e-z brakeWhen the Harley-Davidson Rushmore® line was released in 2014 it featured several product improvements and changes. Liquid cooled heads, more aggressive cams, redesigned saddlebags and tour packs and so on.  As soon as these bikes were on the road we began getting requests to move the rider controls further forward. A lot of riders felt too cramped with their knees bent too much. It took a bit of digging and a customer recommendation but the solution

for the brake pedal turned out to be the E-Z Brake® extended reach brake lever. This lever moves the brake pedal position forward and down, giving the rider more room on the foot board and quicker braking. They are available in a variety of fitments for Twincooled® and air-cooled motors with or without fairing lowers in a standard “solid” or a “slotted” design. They also offer a matching shift lever. For more information call 1-844-EZBRAKE (392-7259).

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