Harley-Davidson Announces An Electric Motorcycle Future

Livewire, Electric Harley
Project Livewire Toured the US and Europe offering riders a chance to see and ride the new type of motorcycle.

Harley-Davidson Motor Company representatives have confirmed they are increasing their investment in developing electric motorcycles. In fact, the company has claimed it is on target to launch their electronic motorcycle line within 18 months.

You may remember Harley unveiled their public prototype of an all-electric bike, “Project Livewire”, in 2014.  Over the next 12 months a Continue reading Harley-Davidson Announces An Electric Motorcycle Future

The One Moto Show and 1 Pro Races Return to Oregon Feb. 9th-11th

The posters for The One Moto Show have been released.

You may remember the write up I did on Winter Bike Shows and Events, including the One Motorcycle Show, HERE. The Posters and Media have been released for the event. For the first time there will be a charge to attend the show, with advance tickets going on sale for $10 per day. I think this is a pretty minor charge for such a cool event and given the fact the line usually wraps around the block, it’s probably overdue.  More information and advanced ticket sales can be found at the1moto.com.

The One Show will be held February 9th-11th in Portland Oregon
The 1 Pro Races are held in conjunction with The One Moto Show each year

Harley-Davidson Rapido

Harley-Davidson Rapido, Rapido, Two Stroke Harley,
In 1968 Harley-Davidson Ventured into the Two Stroke Motorcycle World with the 125 CC Rapido.

Who remembers the Harley-Davidson Rapido? The 2-stroke, 125 CC “small” bike Harley produced from 1968-1972. Designed to appeal to a new demographic of rider, these bikes had a single air cooled cylinder and a four speed transmission. The combination as said to produce speeds over 70 mph and deliver a whopping 70 miles per gallon.

The manufacturer claimed a dry weight of 174 pounds and a new one in 1969 would set you back a whopping $399.95 plus tax.

The initial advertisement for this bike said a lot but I’m particularly fond of the tag line, “Let Harley-Davidson put some fun ahead of you”.

The 2018 Harley-Davidson Softail and Dyna Myth

2018 Softail Fatboy Road Test
The 2018 Softail Fatboy. Notice the rear fender clearance and high seat height 
As I reported HERE Harley-Davidson has drastically changed their cruiser platform for the 2018 model year. All Softail and Dyna models now share the same frame and basic suspension combining them into one model family, which Harley-Davidson has named the Softail line. The Motor Company went with the Softail name because they wanted to maintain the legacy the name carries and felt like it had a higher recognition value. This set in motion a surge of backlash from enthusiasts loyal to the Dyna platform. Outrage around the Continue reading The 2018 Harley-Davidson Softail and Dyna Myth

Harley-Davidson Congratulates  Jeffrey Carver Jr. with a Full Page Ad in CycleNews 

Last month Jeffrey Carver Jr. won his first career title at the 2017 Lone Star Half-Mile Twins Race. While Carver rides a Harley-Davidson XR750 he is not a manufacturer sponsored rider, instead racing as a privateer. Despite not being a sponsored flat track racer Harley-Davidson took out a full page ad in CycleNews to congratulate Carver and undoubtedly show thanks to him for being loyal to the brand and racing the XR750. 

Regional HOG Rallies Will Return In 2019

During Street Vibrations in Reno I was able to confirm Harley-Davidson plans to bring regional HOG Rallies back in 2019. I reported HERE that Harley-Davidson and HOG will be holding rides leading to a single rally in Milwaukee during the summer of 2017 to celebrate the Motor Company’s 115th Anniversary instead of HOG rallies. Representatives from HOG confirmed the 2019 rallies will still be Continue reading Regional HOG Rallies Will Return In 2019

Winter Bike Rally’s and Shows Can Deliver the Most Bang for the Buck

Depending on where you live the winter can be a pretty dreary time. It may snow, it may rain, it may freeze.  However, the winter doesn’t have to mean months without getting your motorcycle fix. There are things like rallies, shows, toy runs, and charity rides, all over the country during the winter.

One such event is The One Motorcycle Show. Now in its Continue reading Winter Bike Rally’s and Shows Can Deliver the Most Bang for the Buck

Turbo Charged Triumph Bonneville Bobber

There is no way around it; some bikes are built to just go fast. I think that’s the case with this amazing Custom Triumph Bonneville Bobber. The bike is built to get from point A to point B in a hurry. It has a 1200 CC Turbocharged engine, with a 2 into 1  hand-wrapped exhaust, girder front end, and custom Fox Suspension.

Before this bike was modified it was a factory custom Bonneville Bobber. These bikes come off the showroom floor stripped down with an agressive, high torque 1200 cc motor featuring Bobber model specific fuel injection tuning to help give the motor just a little more pep.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber
This great looking Custom Triumph Bonneville Bobber has been upfitted with a Turbocharger among other racing add-ons. It’s Greenlight Ready.

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